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About Micro Auto Filters PTY Ltd


Micro Auto Filters Pty Ltd is a wholesaler of an extensive range of oil, air and fuel filters for a wide variety of motor vehicles, including high performance cars.

The business operation has developed since the early 1990’s and currently has established itself as a recognised supplier of high quality automotive filters, at competitive prices.

A significant proportion of our sales involve genuine dealers who have satisfied customers preferring our superior array of filters.


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Our Products oil, air & fuel Filters 


Our filters are designed and manufactured for high quality and performance.

Our products meet the standards as specified by the original engine and vehicle equipment manufacturers.  The company’s oil and fuel filters carry the ISOTS16949 or ‘Ts’ standard.

Our production plants are certified to ISO 9001, QS 9000 and TS16949.

The company’s filters include a distinct packaging arrangement which appeals to every type of user.  Our filters are packaged to include ‘FITTING INSTRUCTIONS’ and a ‘step by step’ illustration.

We are always delighted with the tremendous responses we receive from our suppliers and customers. 

Overall, our packaged,’ first-rate’ quality filters, at competitive prices  prevail over our competitors and has enhanced our sales and overall share of the market.


HT Leads, spark plug leads


Our clientele can also purchase spark plug leads at the same business address, from HT Leads, another division  of our production.

It is an Australian manufacturing facility producing a range of spark plug leads, for the automotive market. Various spark plug leads are manufactured including

OE style replacement leads, gas type leads and performance leads to accommodate for the performance market.

The growth in the local market has been rapid for HT Leads, due to its continual quest for excellence with regards to the  production and supply of ‘high quality’ spark plug leads.