Micro Auto Filters implements new testing regime

Micro Auto Filters has announced a new testing regime to ensure its fast growing product range continues to meet international standards and quality that customers have become accustomed to and can continue to depend on.

With an advanced technical facility, which includes product designs and laboratory testing, it has become a vital part of Micro Auto Filters as the company strives for an expanding product range and quality filters.The testing laboratory has the latest equipment to fully evaluate life, efficiency and flow with professional tests to international requirements.This includes every oil filter being leak tested and thread checked (One by one), One by one right angle tests, gasket one by one checks, gasket high temperature and low temperature checks, body print salt spray tests, flow resistance tests, pressure pulse testing, anti-drain back and relief valve tests and air leak tests.These evaluations of every new Micro Auto Filters products have become a vital part of the Micro Auto Filters quality control process before the product has even left the door. The company is proud of the excellent facility and the tests to make sure its filters are of the best quality and standard possible.

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